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Water Cooling Tower Electrical Motor
As standard, TEFC protected, IP 55 isolated electrical engines that will work smoothly within feeling a service need for a long time is chosen. 

Control Systems: 
 Tower control system is that engine is operated as On/Off to be able to control the cold water temperature via air flow in accordance with design cold water temperature for minimum operation costs. Control system is based on the principle of that engine is closed in case drawn current and vibration at the fan is increased. 

Dual-speed electric engine: 
 The aim of the dual speed electrical engine is to decrease the drawn energy. The dual speed engines will decrease the cycle when they reach the design value of the cold water temperature in the pool. When Cold Water temperature is decreased below that, the engine will be closed: The engine speed will be changed by taking temperature measured by PT100 sensor placed in the pool as basis. 

Frequency Converted Control System: 
 As in double-speed engine, speed control by means of the frequency converter is designed with the aim of decreasing the energy drawn from the single-speed electrical engine. This type of control system is more economical and more efficient. Control system works in accordance with closing the engine in case of drawn current and vibration in the fan is increased. The engine speed in adjusted in accordance with the temperature that is sensed by PT100 sensor in the pool.