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Damlasu Soğutma
Damlasu Cooling Towers has started to its activities to manufacture all kinds of water cooling towers on the year of 2006 in Istanbul. 

It has succeeded so many important Domestic and Abroad projects devoted to all kinds of sectors such as Food, HVAC, Plastic as including heavy industry sectors such as Iron-Steel, Mine, Automotive, Energy with its experienced, young and innovator engineer team  in a short time. Thanks to its conventional production techniques that have high technology, Damlasu Cooling Towers that carry out manufacture in accordance with International standards has competed head to head with world leader manufactures. Our customer oriented production concept and total quality awareness has brought us to an international supplier status. 

Our aim is to give our customer full support in terms of presale and after sale Water Cooling Tower engineering, commissioning, performance test and spare parts as well as presenting most quality product and services. Also we are giving technical service, maintenance and consultancy services concerning to renovation, modernization, capacity increase of water cooling towers. Turnkey projects such as piping, pump, automation, dosage, etc. as relevant to water cooling towers enters into our activity field.  

Cooling water is equipment that provides our getting the best efficiency and that optimizes our process. They are the main equipments of main processes such as power generation, chemical processes and steel production. We design the most economical cooling tower in terms of both first investment and operation that will work with minimum breakdown and maximum performance in all industries.