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Damla Water Cooling Towers always guarantees the best to its customers. 

» MINIMUM ENERGY CONSUMPTION: Damla Water Cooling Towers provides maximum cooling capacity with minimum energy consumption. 

» ECONOMIC: Damla Water Cooling Towers designs most economical cooling towers in terms of both first investment and operation that will work will minimum breakdown and high efficiency in all industries. 

» RESISTANT AGAINNTS CORROSION: Damla Water Cooling Towers are manufactured from CTP (glass reinforced polyester) or Impregnated Wooden Material that are resistant to corrosion. The Cooling Towers are stainless and does not require painting or a protective coating. 

» CTP MATERIAL: CTP material shows very good resistance naturally against natural and no ageing occurs even it is exposure to long termed periodic loads. CTP material is two times stronger than steel. 

» MINIMUM MAINTENANCE: Damlasu Cooling Towers requires less maintenance. The water cooling towers are specially designed as to constitute minimum maintenance problem. 

» ENGINEERING: Damlasu Cooling Towers has high qualified engineers who are able to solve the relevant problems and they are expert at the water cooling towers. The fields of activity that we are experienced shows a wide product range from small packaged type to big construction type cooling towers. 

» SERVICE: Damlasu Cooling Towers always gives technical assistance and service to its customers that they feel need. 

» PRODUCT RANGE: Damlasu Cooling Towers gives service with a wide product range from Packaged Type Water Cooling Towers to Construction Type Water Cooling Towers and chooses the tower appropriate for your process.  By this way your factory will not directed to the tower selections that are not appropriate for your factory needs. 

» IN EVERY FIELDS OF THE INDUSTRY: Water cooling tower is equipment that allows you to get the best performance and optimize your process. They are main equipments of power generation, chemical processes and steel production. Damlasu cooling Towers carefully chooses all elements and materials of cooling towers and tests them at the conditions appropriate for the operation thanks to its experience in the industry.